'Tabu Tumas' - Sola, Vanua Lava

Vanua Lava is the only island in Vanuatu with crocodiles in its rivers. There are only five of them (crocodiles, not rivers), and the locals take particular pride in them.

Here is a (tongue-in-cheek) translation of the sign's message:

  1. Crocodiles are very competitive, and will chew your legs off if you try to pass them in the pool.

  2. Crocodiles are expert forensic scientists. They can tell you the time of death simply by looking at fish remains.

  3. If you take a walk after dark, a crocodile will eat the moon.

  4. Crocodiles love to sing Wagnerian aria.

  5. Crocodiles young and old will shout their approval if you break dance for them.

July, 2004


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